Fall/Winter 2019 - Now Published

The theme for our debut issue is identity. Who are you? What and/or who shaped you to be who you are? Have you ever lost your sense of self? This issue seeks to be an exploration of culture, race, expectations, family, and names; anything and everything that has defined your own identity. 

Submissions closed on October 25 2019.

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The Identity Issue, January 2020. 

Editor-in-Chief: Evelyn Maguire

Design Director: Juwon Lee



Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Photography, Artwork

Poetry: Poetry may be as short as a haiku or as long as 1-2 pages. Please note that formatting may be changed during the design phase.

Fiction, Nonfiction & Essays: Please limit prose to under 5,000 words. If pieces are accompanied by photos/artwork, please note where in the piece you would like each image to appear, and attach the images separately to your submission. 

Please send all prose submissions as a Word document. If submitting flash fiction (under 1000 words) multiple entries per one author may be accepted.

Photography & Artwork: Please send highest quality jpg possible, and include the title of the piece in your submission email.

All pieces must be the original creation of the author/artist. Please note that by submitting a piece, you are giving Overheard permission to publish your work in our Fall/Winter 2019 issue. 


When will I know if my work has been accepted?

We will notify all authors & artists if their piece has been accepted by the last week of November.


How many times can I submit? Can I submit in multiple categories?

You can submit as many pieces as you would like, but please include all submissions in one email.


What do I get if my work is featured?

Our undying appreciation and admiration :-)
We do not give cash prizes to accepted submissions because we are poor.


Can I submit work that has been featured in other publications/galleries?

Yes! But keep in mind that other publications have their own rules, and may have exclusive publishing rights to your work.


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