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As of September 2021, Overheard is accepting year-round unsolicited submissions for online publication, with a chance to be included in our yearly print anthology.

Follow @overheardlit on Twitter, or check back here for updates & contests.

To submit, email your work to OVERHEARDLITMAG@GMAIL.COM.

Subject line: [GENRE] Submission: [Title]
If submitting more than one piece, use the title: "Multiple Submissions"

Please clearly state the title(s), the genre, your name, and include a third-person bio in your email.

To withdraw a submission, please reply to the original email sent with your submission.


1,000 to 5,000 words. If you are slightly over the word count, we may be flexible. Include your piece as a Word or Pages attachment, preferably with a page count. Please send no more than one submission at a time.

If your prose could be described as weird, surreal, dream-like, experimental, funny, off-kilter, clever, or lyrical, odds are we'll like it.


Under 1,000 words. Up to three flash pieces may be published per one author. Please only submit three pieces at a time.


Send poems that are undeniable: take risks, display craft. Three poems maximum with no length limitations.


Overheard is excited to announce the addition of a book reviews section, titled "Overheard Reads." As of now, book reviews will be published purely online. Submissions of book reviews are accepted year-round. We prefer a focus on books/chapbooks/poetry collections published by independent/small presses. Please expect to work with editorial edits to finalize your submission. Attach the submission as a separate file (doc or docx preferred). Length: 500-1500 words.


If you have been published with Overheard, please wait six months before submitting new work, unless specifically contacted by an editor.
If you had a piece rejected by Overheard, please wait one month before submitting again.


  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged; let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere!

  • You may submit to as many categories as you would like; please separate subs onto different documents if submitting to more than one genre.

  • We will accept self-published work (including collections & blogs), but we will no longer accept previously published (in another publication) work.

  • We can not compensate writers or artists at this time.

  • Apart from the right to publish your piece online, Overheard retains no rights over your work. We will seek your permission before including a piece in our yearly print anthology.